Integrations for OSU (saving faculty time)

Here are integrations currently in place:

  • Login with your OSU username and password
  • Directory information updates out of Banner
  • Automatic uploads into your Faculty Success profile from Banner
    • Scheduled teaching
    • SLE scores
    • OSU drupal web profile: Pulled from your Faculty Success profile according to your preferences (Extension and CAS)
    • Integration with ORCID iD for future publications:

Here are some of the features planned for this multi-tenant instrument

  • Automatic uploads into your Faculty Success profile from Banner
    • Newly funded grants
    • Eventually publish Faculty Success-acquired data into OSU CORE initiative
  • Ability to automatically submit publication to OSU Scholars Archive

Why a multi-tenant instrument?

Faculty Success calls their instances of software "instruments".  There are currently three different instruments for OSU.  CPHHS and CoB currently have separate instruments.  The third instrument is used by all of the other colleges/units currently using Faculty Success.  All colleges using this model must agree on the configuration of the common screen.  However, each college has the ability to create customized data screens to meet any unique needs of the college. Data is segregated between colleges so that administrators in one college are unable to see information about faculty in another college.  The benefit of this model is that all colleges/units participating in the multi-tenant instrument benefit from the integrations managed by OSU Information Services.

Are you interested in using or learning more about Faculty Success for your college?

Vendor website:

Vendor Sales Rep for OSU: Giovanna Proctor - [email protected]


A standard rider to the current contract in place with Faculty Success.  For more information, work through the Faculty Success sales representative and OSU PaCS to complete the necessary paperwork.  The existence of this rider reduces the paperwork burden for additional participants on the rider.  We encourage you to join the university instrument, please contact Lucas Turpin for more details.


The Office of Information Security (OIS) has approved this vendor to host up to an including OSU sensititve data.