An interface between Banner and Digital Measures will create these records for you.  One of the project goals is to identify and upload data from institutional sources, as much faculty data as is captured, rather than relying on hand-entry. 

At the moment, we’re waiting for the Office of Information Security and OSU Legal approv storing this information in Digital Measures – this is related to FERPA and like standards. Once approval is secured, a job will run that dumps the previous term’s data from Banner into Digital Measures, and faculty will receive notification that the task has been completed. We expect the initial dump will include up to 10 years of scheduled teaching and as many years of eSET scores as are in Banner. After that, at some number of days past the end of each quarter, the job will run for that quarter’s data. 

This article does NOT apply to College of Public Health and Human Services or College of Business faculty.

Applies To: 
Agricultural Sciences, Engineering, Forestry, Outreach and Engagement (Extension), Sea Grant