The university instance of Digital Measures includes a report titled "OSU P&T CV." The output of this report is a word document which meets the OSU Faculty Senate Promotion and Tenure guidelines for a Curriculum Vita. 

Please use the Example OSU P&T CV as a guide to understand which content from your Word document CV is entered into which Digital Measures templates, so that the report correctly displays your achievements. 

Please note:

  • This report is undergoing iterative improvements. Please report errors or suggestions for improvement to your Digital Measures College Administrator.
  • Do not expect this report to output all of your information correctly the first time you run the report on your account. Time must be allowed for analysis and correction of existing records.
  • The report output is a Word document. You may make additions, edits and changes to the report as your need requires. Changes to the Word document do not change records in Digital Measures.
Applies To: 
Agricultural Sciences, Engineering, Forestry, Outreach and Engagement (Extension), Sea Grant