Submitting a grant proposal? Need a COI? The University Digital Measures instrument includes two Conflict of Interest reports. They are formatted according to the guidelines for their respective organizations. The output is a Word document that can be the basis for any COI report.

  • National Science Foundation Conflict of Interest
  • USDA NIFA Conflict of Interest

Please note that these reports are the first iteration; if you see errors or have constructive suggestions, please contact your College Administrative. 

 These reports are generated from several different DM screens. 

  • Publications
  • Student Committees
  • Post-Docs/Visitors
  • Grants

If you may see duplicate names show in the report.

You may see near duplicate records output in your report. Similar to the following.

Hedstrom C.
Hedstrom Christopher
Hilton R.
Hilton Richard

Databases are extremely literal in their outputs. You have choices in resolving duplicates:

  1. Edit the COI report – it’s a Word document.
  2. Find and align the inconsistencies in the source records. 
  • Use the Search box at the top of the Publications screen to search for publication records with the duplicate name.

  •  Examine each record in the search results. Look at the Authors/Editors/Translators section. Find the name in question, update it, and save the record at the top of the screen.
  •  Note, check for an extra space at the end of a name. “Sally” will show twice if there is one entry as “Sally^.“

Repeat the process for these records:

  • Grants,
  • Student committees,
  • Research presentations
  • Post docs/Visitors
Applies To: 
Agricultural Sciences, Engineering, Forestry, Outreach and Engagement (Extension), Sea Grant