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Step-by-Step Instructions

Are you confused about how to document works you have authored or created? Where can you document the media attention your work has attracted? This article should answer those questions. By the way, these changes were inspired by faculty feedback.

Document anything that you author using the Publications/Intellectual Contribution screen. Examples include traditional academic publications, but also

  • Blogs
  • Contributions to websites
  • Educational or informational graphics and displays
  • Juried exhibits, discipline related

There are also now publication types for Extension Teaching Materials, like educational PowerPoint files and Program Management Materials like volunteer policy documents.

Document works of artistic expression using the Artistic and Professional Performances and Exhibits screen. Any visual or performance artwork goes here.

If someone else writes about you or your work, this Media Attention should be documented on that screen. If you wouldn’t put your name in the citation - for example - if you were interviewed and someone else wrote the piece, that’s media attention.

If you have additional questions on these topics, please discuss them with your supervisor or your college-level Digital Measures administrator. Find a link to the administrator’s email at the Digital Measures login screen.

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