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Step-by-Step Instructions

In this video, you’ll learn how to track non-credit instruction delivered by your educational program assistant and record the contacts.

  1. After logging in, find “non-credit instruction” in the teaching section and open a template (add a new item).
  2. Enter the information about the instruction, such as type, title, audience and scope. 
  3. What I really want to focus on here is handling the names of the instructors, because it is your EPA who delivered the content. EPAs do not have profiles in DM.
  4. Because I’m logged in to DM, my name is shown first in the instructors’ box. It’s appropriate for me to select a role for myself, such as author. Note that if you also had a significant facilitation role, you could add yourself again to a single record. I can find myself in the “People at OSU” field. 
  5. Next, add your EPAs name to the record. Here, do NOT use the “People at OSU” field. Rather, use the last, middle, and first name fields, and assign an appropriate role, such as presenter or author and presenter. 
  6. Then complete the other information for this record and save. 
  7. To enter EPA contacts for this event, find the “extension contacts” in the extension section and open a template by adding a new item.
  8. Enter the information about the event such as title and program area.
  9. For contact type, select “indirect through staff.” 
  10. Complete the contacts information and save the document
Applies To: 
Outreach and Engagement (Extension)