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A work-around to prevent records from linking to other faculty profiles

Many academic activities include other authors, presenters, investigators, or other collaborators. The default in Digital Measures is to add those other names to a record in a way that links the record to the other profiles. Not all units require this linking feature. In this video, you’ll learn how to complete records without linking to your colleagues’ profiles.

Here, a publication record with three other authors is shown, but the steps apply to any kind of record that has the linking feature.

  1. I begin by adding additional lines for the other authors.
  2. If I enter the surnames of OSU-based co-authors in the “People at Oregon State University” field, I am creating linked record.
  3. Instead, if I enter the other names in the first name, middle initial, last name fields, the citation prints out correctly and no linked records have been created. This is exactly what I would do with authors or collaborators from other institutions.
  4. When the names are entered, I can adjust the order of authorship by using the arrows to the right.

Remember, the example here is for a publication, but the same technique applies to presentations, non-credit instruction, grants, impact statements, or intellectual property records.


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