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Step-by-Step instructions

  1. When you select a record type from the main menu, you will see a list of all such records in your profile, if others exist.
  2. To create another record, click the “Add New Item” button at the top of the screen.Add New Record Screen Shot
  3. Complete the appropriate fields.
  4. “Save,” “Save and add another,” and “Duplicate”
    1. You must enter a year in order to save any record with a date.
    2. Hitting save will take you out to the summary list.
    3. “Save and add another” will save the current record, and open a screen to create another record.
    4. If a record has already been saved, “Cancel” will take you out to the summary list. If a record has not been saved, “Cancel” will delete anything entered up to that point and take you out to the summary list.Screen Shot of Save Buttons
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All Units