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All Users
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Wednesday, April 19, 2017
Clean up of the presentations screen

Screen: Presentations

1. Add text to top of screen

Why: Clarify the purpose of this screen.

  • Text to add “Use this screen to document presentations for scholarship to academic peers.”


2. Move Presentation Title [TITLE] to the top

Why: Improve the flow of the form.

  • Move [TITLE] to the first element in the form, just under the text added above.


3. Remove the following fields

      • Sponsoring Organization [ORG]
        • Why: Field isn’t needed/used.  Only 37% of entries have this field completed.  Of those, the majority are identical to the [NAME] field.  1,471 records already updated where NAME was blank, copied data from [ORG] field.
      • Academic or Non-Academic? [ACADEMIC]
        • Why: This field is not needed if we clarify the intent of this screen.  Only 27% of records have this attribute filled in
      • Was this peer-reviewed/refereed?     [REFEREED]
        • Why: This field is not needed if we clarify the intent of this screen - presentations are not peer reviewed. Only 25% of records have this field filled in.
      • Published in Proceedings?     [PUBPROCEED]
        • Why: Only 22% of records have this field filled in. Only 953 of 3164 are marked as “yes”.  This attribute is not being used for reporting by administration.
      • Published Elsewhere? [PUBELSE]
        • Only 18% or records have this field filled in.  Only 320 records are marked as “yes”.  This attribute will never be report on, so why collect it.  


 4. Modify the options under the Presentation Type [PRESENTATION_TYPE] field

Why: Moving these values up from Meeting Type as they generated a lot of Presentation Type “Other” values. 

            • values to add and resort alphabetically
              • Panel
              • Roundtable
              • Session
              • Testimony

 5. Modify the options under meeting type and presentation type.

Why:  These three things are not meeting types, but presentation types.  Move these values to the Presentation Type field and map the values over before removing the options.


          • Move just under Conference/Meeting Name [NAME] on the screen
        • [MEETING_TYPE]
          • For all records with the specified [MEETING_TYPE], Update the [PRESENTATION_TYPE] field to the matching value.
            • Panel (79 records)
            • Roundtable (25 records)
            • Session (131 records)
          • Values to delete
            • Panel
            • Roundtable
            • Session